Starting a Successful Business with Little

Dec 14

I had a friend back in the university whose room doubled as his shop. We made fun of him because his room was filled with all sorts of things he sold; we nicknamed it ‘Mami Market’.


Business Lessons from the Men Who Built America

Nov 12

Growing up, I had an obsession for learning about great personalities; living or dead, good or bad. I wanted to understand what drove their passion or how they overcame challenges.


The 5 Naira Theory

Oct 05

It was 2006 and I wanted to start my first business. I was young and naive about how businesses ran so I approached a more experienced businessman for advice. He asked me what I would do to make everybody in the community where I would run my business willingly pay me 5 Naira on the same day.


What’s Your Selling Point?

Sep 01

When I first heard the song Goody Bag by D’prince, I totally fell in love with it. For starters, the rhythm is very addictive. It is no surprise that it went viral and became an instant hit overnight. It was so popular that excerpts of the lyrics became catch phrases, one of them being “what’s your selling point”.

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