About Us

Zimylink wasn’t born out of a great idea. Well, not exactly. Although we comprise of arguably the best designers, illustrators, programmers, copywriters, marketers and think tanks, the truth is it took years before any ideal was conceived as a founding inspiration for the fledgling company. Even our name doesn’t have an awe-inspiring story behind it. We had no vision or scope of what we would be doing but we always believed that as long as we did our work well – paying attention to details, providing practical solutions and making our customers and their customers happy, irrespective of pay – there would be no limit to things we could achieve. And this made us stand out from the crowd. So we built incrementally, step-by-step, until the “great idea” of what the company stands for today popped up as a natural evolutionary step more than five years after we started.

We are a brand management and solutions firm. We’re a team with in-depth expertise in developing and deploying effective IT, marketing and brand solutions for big and small brands. Our core value is “IDEAS” – Innovative, Diligent, Enthusiastic, Attentive and Skilled. And we are committed to bringing your ideas to life, just as colours do.

Our Clients