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Brand Identity Design

At Zimylink, we’re committed to offering start-up and growing businesses like yours with a range of affordable services; from Brand Stationery Design (letterheads, business cards, envelopes, branded mugs, pens, calendars etc.), Logo Conceptualization and Design, Website Design and Development, Marketing Collateral Design (flyers, brochures, books, social media branding etc) to Product Branding and Packaging. Our other services include; Apparel Design (tangible clothing items that are worn by employees), Signage (interior & exterior design), Messages & Actions (messages conveyed via indirect or direct modes of communication), Other Communication (audio, smell, touch, etc.) and anything visual that represents your business or personality.

Our brand identity design services culminate in the creation of a brand identity style guide. Every brand, from the smallest website or start-up, to corporate giants such as Coca-Cola or Facebook, needs a set of branding guidelines and rules to maintain their identity. This guide establishes distinct and consistent styles on how all aspects of a company’s brand will be handled. It establishes rules for creating a unified and identifiable presence for your brand. Good brand identity style guides outlines all of the basic design tools that are needed to create and disseminate company communications – from design of a logo and how it can be used, the look of a website, allowable typefaces and styles, to a colour palette, image use, text, tone, and the emotion portrayed by the brand.

It should be noted that growing your brand is bigger than just designs and a set of rules. Your brand is an expression of who you are, what your business represents, and how your customers experience you. For this reason, Zimylink Brand Managers is continually looking to develop new partnerships because we are fully committed to providing complete brand identity services that clearly communicates the core value of your brand, at affordable rates too, just for you!

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