Corporate Identity

Having a unique corporate image and confidence in expressing it is the basis for success. At Zimylink Brand Managers, we advise and assist you in designing and developing your corporate identity and help you express your company’s personality to customers. With globalisation, shortening product life cycles and a competitive marketplace, maintaining a strong market position is a challenge for most companies. Building brand awareness starts with knowing who you are and who you want to be. If you haven’t quite found your voice, we can help you with brand development by defining the benefits, attributes and characteristics of your brand; establishing what your brand looks, sounds and acts like; and determining how your brand behaves with different audience types. If you’re already an established brand with a strong personality, we can ensure consistent branded experiences across consumer touch points while helping you leverage the digital channels and platforms that will help your brand develop meaningful relationships that last.

For your corporate strategy, we help to create;

    • Brand Research & Analysis
    • Brand Strategy & Positioning
    • Brand Architecture
    • Corporate Visioning
    • Communications Strategy
    • Go-to-Market Planning
    • Corporate Marketing
    • Online Branding
    • Employee Engagement
    • Internal Brand Adoption


Personality Management

Zimylink Brand Managers also runs a personality management platform where we service notable personalities seeking proper definition, representation and awareness of their brand such as music artistes, actors, politicians, authors, football stars and other celebrities and public figures. We mentor and sign management deals with a wide range of personalities who we assist on a daily basis by helping them to maximise their profile within their respective industry. We shield our clients to enable them concentrate on their creativity whilst the day-to-day business activities are undertaken by us. We provide specialist advice and support to further their careers whilst continuously nurturing them.

For instance, Zimylink is the choice for personality management of music artistes – whether independent or signed – seeking a sustainable and credible career within the music industry. With a great track record in artist development, promotion and management, we are the key to every successful artiste ready to take the next steps. We can help you create your own exclusive brand and sound making you stand out against your competitors. From the very first day you sign with us, we will offer you full support and expertise in all opportunities and contracts we find you.

We are currently managing the duo music sensation, Boybreed, who are currently signed to a major record label in Nigeria. And with our passion for new talents, we will place you with your own ‘personal manager’ who will guide you every step of the way.

We will undertake services for our clients such as: contractual obligations, management of daily schedules and itineraries, tour coordination and production, strategic development, branding, merchandise creation and launch, gross strategies, and planning preparation and managements of media interviews and public appearances.

Why not contact us today and discuss the next steps to take in your career.


Brand Communication

Brand communication is the art of bridging the gap in the perceptions the target audiences have about the brand. We help to manage all forms of brand communications and clearly communicate the value, brand personality and positioning of the brand. Our team looks at a business as a connected, cohesive whole and use a blend of disciplines to solve your brand and communication challenges.

We offer brand communication services all aimed at strongly connecting your brand with your audience (both new and existing). Our offer covers branding, re-branding, brand promotions, and corporate communications. All creative, planning and execution tasks are meticulously carried out to ensure high impact and effectiveness. This would;

    • Improve your marketing effectiveness by revealing your target market’s real buying motivations
    • Improve your corporate image so that it speaks directly to your target markets emotional core.
    • Improve your marketing communications, thereby increasing awareness and desire for your products and services, eventually resulting in increased sales.


Brand Awareness

Building a connected brand requires creative and strategic thinking, compelling experiences and the right message targeting the right customer at the right time and place. It’s a lot to think about. And it demands a holistic approach to brand marketing while effectively integrating bought, earned and owned media. Then comes the fun part: Bringing your brand to life through engaging, persuasive, actionable and collaborative storytelling that’s consistent, cohesive and stays true to your brand personality. When it’s done right, it goes well beyond brand marketing and awareness to programs that inspire the holy grail of marketing: true audience advocacy.

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