Brand Identity Design

Dandani Farms


Dandani Farm is a poultry farm that focuses on broiler day-old chick breeding, frozen chicken production, chicken eggs production, hatching, processing and packaging.


With a vision to be one of the top poultry processing farm house, Dandani Farm employed the service of Zimylink to create a logo that can make it competitive in its market space.


An extensive brand logo questionnaire was provided for the client after which a meeting was set to help us understand the brand direction of the company. Through our brainstorming with designers and the client, 3 logo samples were created using a combination of custom designed chicken mascot (since the core of the business revolved around poultry) with a stylised font of “Dandani Farms” that should help propel recognition for the brand. Also farm greenery with sunlight rays in the background was incorporated into the logo design. All these elements were enclosed in an egg design.


We were brought on board to give a personality and credible brand perception of the company and we achieved this by designing a world-class logo that elevates the vision of the brand “Dandani Farms”.