Brand Identity Design

Delta State

Project Overview

Delta State is an oil and agricultural producing state in Nigeria. It comprises the Urhobos, Isoko, Ukwuani, Itsekiri, Ezon, Enuani-Igbos, and Ika ethnic nationalities.

Zimylink was part of a team of brand managers that pitched for the rebranding of the state’s image and its application. The result was a Brand Identity that encompassed the major cultural features of the state.

The major elements included;

  •  The green and corn field – signifies agriculture
  •  Red and native drums – signifies rich culture and tourism
  •  Blue and dividing river – signifies the Delta and the presence of water resources
  •  Oil rig – signifies the presence of oil
  •  Blue fish – signifies fishing
  •  The green wreath – signifies education
  •  The seashell – sea shells are significant of jewelry and treasure so it sits on top the logo signifying the rich nature of the state and all the monarchs and kingdoms.