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Fiesta Of Flavours


Eventful’s Fiesta of Flavours is a world class food and beverage exhibition and the first of its scale and calibre in West Africa. It is a fiesta that showcases the best in local and international cuisine, cutting edge food technology and cooking techniques as well as a display of the best wines the world has to offer.


Fiesta of Flavours partnered Zimylink Brand Managers to as the technology partner during the course of the fiesta. Our role was to create a functional website that provided information about the fiesta and showcase the various local and international chefs that would be displaying various cuisines.  We were also charged with managing the website during the course of the year until the next edition of the fiesta.


The Zimylink team wanted to present Fiesta of Flavours as an international food fiesta. We created a multi-paged website based on content management system. This was to enable visitors of the website who needed access to information on the fiesta when needed at a glance. The website was mobile responsive making it scalable on any mobile device.


We created a fully mobile responsive website with custom content management system in 2 weeks.