Brand Identity Design

Fyodor UMT


Fyodor Biotechnologies is a privately held medical device company based in Baltimore, Maryland whose mission is to develop and commercialize novel medical diagnostic tests that address unmet needs in Nigeria and emerging economies. Fyodor developed the Urine Malaria Test (UMT) – the first ever non-blood (one-step, no blood, no reagents, no equipment, visually read) rapid test – that tells in 25 minutes or less if a fever is due to malaria or not.


Fyodor Biotechnologies met with Zimylink Brand Managers to assist them in creating a logo and a website for their novel invention – the UMT toolkit. After over an 8-hour brainstorming sessions with the Zimylink team and the executives of Fyodor Biotechnologies, key decisions were noted on how the brand should be visualized. The logo was to reflect simplicity as the UMT toolkit was a simple to use device while the website would directly communicate the research involved in development of this novel product, press releases and locations of point of purchase of the UMT toolkit.


The Zimylink team, upon in-house deliberation, decided to create a logotype brand identity for the UMT toolkit. This was to reflect the simplistic nature of the product. And to further buttress how simple the product was to be used, we decided, upon the client’s approval, to create a slider animation that was incorporated on the homepage of the website. This animation showed the stepwise process of administering the toolkit and how easy it was to understand. Other information about the product, its parent company, press releases and researches were also accommodated on the website as well.


We created a fully mobile responsive website with custom content management system in 16 working days.