Products & Packaging

Larkspur Naturals


Larkspur Natural is a maker of natural health and skincare products that ranges from juice, smoothies, Shea butter, herbal supplements to name a few.


Larkspur Natural approached Zimylink Brand Managers to create a befitting brand identity system which included a logo, product package design and other. The client told us that they didn’t want a logo or label that was limited to natural skincare and health products as they would be delving into other business in the foreseeable future. Likewise, the client explained to us “Larkspur” meant “pure love” and this was what she wanted the logo to depict while out rightly warning against creating a heart shaped logo.


The team had to create a befitting logo that fused both the image of the Larkspur flower and a symbol that depicts love (we obviously couldn’t use the heart symbol). Upon completing the sketch of the Larkspur logo and presenting it to the client, she accepted and we moved on to other designs which included the package design for her Shea butter product that was to be launched and also brand stationery designs.


The logo we created was as unique as the Larkspur flower. This gave us the flexibility to associate it with every other design we made for our client.