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Leadership Paradigm


Leadership Paradigm Consultant Ltd are a partcipatory process consultant and human resource specialist that has dedicated to partnering with clients and identifying areas of challenges with a view to providing a well-defined sustained process leading to measurable results.


Leadership Paradigm Consultant Ltd enlisted the service of Zimylink Brand Managers to assist them in creating an online identity that would directly communicate the company’s mission and vision to their target audience. They requested that we created a website that would serve as an outlet for Leadership Paradigm Consultant Ltd on all facets of its operations.


The Zimylink team created for the company a multi-paged website based on a content management system. This is to enable the users of the website have the information they need at a glance and also for ease-of-use for our client with little or no experience in web technology. The website was mobile responsive making it scalable on any mobile device.


We created a fully mobile responsive website with custom content management system in 10 working days.