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Proff’s Kilishi

Project Overview

Proff’s Kilishi is a product of the University of Benin. It is a result of several years of scientific research to determine the nutritional composition of the Kilishi brand (sliced lean beef) with regards to World Health standards.

Zimylink Brand Managers was contracted to create a brand image and packaging for the product that was more contemporary, appealing and cuts across demography thus a complete overhaul of the previous image.

First, we set off with the design creation of an illustrative mascot for the brand (as seen in the “Illustrations & Posters” section of our projects). This project was quite an exciting one to embark on as we adopted a cow adorned in a convocation gown of the university. The aim of this project was to create a physical representation of the product’s perception in order to draw attention in a crowded retail space. The product packaging was to serve also as a protective container, as well as include the useful nutritional information of Proff’s Kilishi.

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