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Brand Identity Design

Trino Studios


Trino studios, a company in the business of content development, financing, production, promotion, marketing and distribution in Lagos, Nigeria, needed a redesign of a new logo that reflected its current status and position in its industry. The company thought that their previous logo didn’t evoke the right emotion they wanted for the brand.


Through competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews and an extensive information architecture review, we produced several logo design samples. By emphasizing on African patterns to stylise the TRINO typefacee, we gave the the new logo a vibrant and Afrocentric personality that creates a big impact on visuals. With this logo already done, we proceeded to creating an array of office stationery designs such as ID cards, letterheads, continuation sheets, business cards.


The work our team did for Trino studios was just such an occasion as it allowed us to help present our client in the best possible light with a fresh, contemporary brand logo and office stationery.

Our focus was on two things: First, we needed a design that helped the client branding pop off on any media and also to help the client communicate its ideal to the forefront of its target audience. Through a combination of our design skills we were able to accomplish both those goals.